What are some strategies for hunting pressured deer? By RubsNScrapes.com

Lets hear some tips for when the hunters seem to outnumber the deer!

Author: justinwp
justinwp - 1. Hunt longer than everyone else. Sit all day.

2. Hunt the thick stuff that no one goes into.

3. Start bowhunting or muzzleloader hunting since there are often fewer hunters during those seasons.

4. Hunt somewhere else.

5. Use the hunters to your advantage by hunting escape routes away from other hunters.
November 28, 2007
Dan - 6. Hunt there DURING THE RUT!
January 15, 2008
Uncle Buck - 7. Don't use calls.
8. Wear Orange!
September 12, 2010
Gary Olson - If you want the best strategies for any time of hunting season check out Bill Valve's Book. go to Pressureddeer.com it the best book I have read in years on bow hunting and it covers everything, 500 pages of very sound advice, it should be he has take 32 Trophy bucks.
February 28, 2011
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November 20, 2015

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