Can you ethically shot a deer that's laying down? By

Why or why not?

Author: Unknown
justinwp - My first thought is yes, but it probably presents additional challenges for bowhunters. Why not wait though?
December 08, 2010
Noah - To me it is unethical for one and two if you catch a deer lying down it probably doesn't see you. I would just wait for a while.
November 09, 2011
matthew chavis - learn how to shot a 410 shotgun
December 12, 2011
kevin - if u can see all of the deers body just hold it for a lil bit if its going to be dark soon why not try it some story tell ur kids
December 30, 2011
Jannika - That takes us up to the next level. Great psoitng.
January 14, 2012
Ethan - Yes, If you are behind it to the side aim for the ribs around the spine area and if you are directly above it aim for the spine. If you are in front of it shoot just over the tuft of fur where the breast bone is. Or you could shoot it in the neck and it will run a few minutes then die from blood loss. Or in behind the ears or through the eye. I don\'t know how good a shot you are but I hold a 2 inch group of 3 shots at 40 yards with my old 71 pound draw Pse Fireflight with muzzy 100 grains. I shot A spike in 2011 deer season and shot through both shoulders hit the heart straight through broke 1 shoulder blade didn\'t hit the other
January 16, 2012
bfmEG2Sc - Ik ben gek van rendieren (de aieebldfngen toch)Deze is prachtig. Ik heb zelf enkele rommelmarktaanwinsten van opgezette 'echte' hertenhoofden. Ik hoop maar dat ze dat dier niet voor mij hebben doodgemaakt maar vr de vorige eigenaar.Mijn volgende aanwinst zal een washideer zijn, danje voor de tip
June 09, 2014
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