Deer Hunting: Neck Shot or Behind the Shoulder By

It's not about which spot is most likely to kill the deer. Heck you can luck out and hit an artery anywhere on the deer. What is most important to consider is where do you have the most room for error?

Accurate Shot -> Dead
Shot Little off -> Slow Death (A deer going through the woods sounding like a chainsaw is not pleasant or good for hunters.)
Shot way off -> Nothing

Behind Shoulder:
Accurate Shot -> Dead
Shot Little Off -> Dead
Show way off -> Possible Gut Shot or Difficult to Find

So for me it is ALWAYS behind the shoulder. It is simply a matter of ethics.

Author: justinwp
Calvin Henderson - I agree. Never shoot a deer with an arrow in the neck. Chances of recovery are nil. Using a modern rifle at close range, a shot at the base of the neck will kill the deer immediately with very little meat loss.
November 07, 2011
Noah - I would go for lungs with a bow. Neck or lungs with a rifle.
November 09, 2011
gary - i have shot numerous bucks with the bow in the neck and thay drop right there
no tracking no meat wasted
November 17, 2011
bill - gary - are u trying to shoot/cut the arteries coming from the heart? That would be quick and bloody. Better study vital diagrams well. I guess windpipe might be fairly quick? It would have to be 20 yds or closer and standing still for a while before I would even consider this shot. I'm confident up to 40 yds broadside..

With 30.06, center of neck drops them like a used condom every time.
December 26, 2011
kevin - i go for the neck when im positive of the shot becouse it will drop in its tracks if it dont it may only go ten yards eather one is good its just a matter of how u want ur deer to die
December 30, 2011
Anthony - I've had plenty of luck with shooting deer in the neck when its quartering towards me and i didn't have any other shot. Not one ran more than twenty five yards before it expired
January 01, 2012
ethan - I can hit a 50 cent piece at 40 yards with my bow so I\'m fine with any shot presented. not saying im god or anything but Its pretty easy to shoot a bow once you get your stance right
January 16, 2012
aja - wow how neat
January 23, 2012
gabe - Crossbows- I have seen several youtube vids of middle and slightly forward of middle spine shots and the deer drop right there.

The neck seems to offer a decent target, but the anatomy shows a very thin horizontal line on a still deer, requiring dead on accuracy to sever the spinal cord and vertebrae.

My harvest is going to occur in less than 25 yards with a crossbow. My guess is if I hit the spine will there be no thru and thru, will the vertebrae stop the arrow?

As I am just getting ready to buy the crossbow, should I be concerned that a too powerful (over 285 fps) will accelerate too quickly and pass thru the cord and vertebrae?

March 17, 2012
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