Can calls scare bucks off? By

What are your thoughts on the timing and use of various calls? Can you actually scare bucks off by using a doe estrus call before the rut kicks into full gear?

Author: Stewart
Michael - To the question earlier about the calls and can you scare deer off? Yes you can scare both Bucks and Does if you use a call and either do not know the proper call or it is a call that is not typical for the time of year. We have played with calls on our property for a few years and there is optimal times for using them for sure.
December 01, 2010
justinwp - Calls can absolutely scare off deer if used improperly. They can make an otherwise reckless buck become more observant.
December 01, 2010
Butch - The main thing that needs to taken in consideration when calling whitetails what scares deer when calling is calling to loud if you are blind calling you need to start out with the softest call you can make with your call because you might have deer really close to the area and you not know it and the deer pinpoint your location deer grunt and bleat all year long this is their way of communicating like you or me talking i have heard does grunt and bleat at all times of the year and of course bucks grunting all year long, but agressive grunting is mainly done during the pre,rut and post rut times of the year I have studied the animals for 30 yrs and have had deer do strange things all year long, so if you can't see the animals your calling too make it soft, try this and see how many more animals you have come into your setup but be very alert they will sneek up on you so close it will stardle you good hunting!!!!!!
November 07, 2011
jakester - I've grunted at a lot of bucks and the one's I've seen it never scared them. It's the one's that I don't see I have no idea about. I've grunted and doe called some deer in that I havent' seen but know they come in to investigate. I aggree on not calling too loud or frequently for that matter. I mean for all the hours spent in the woods how loudly and often have you heard deer being vocal. Not too many... almost all during the rut... I'd make a guess that ALL bucks grunt during the rut and when the rut is on and I see a crusing buck I always try and grunt him in... it usually works if he's NOT already on a hot doe. Once I forgot mu grunter in my Jeep and grunted at a big buck with my mouth/nose making a sound like a pig...
he raked two pine trees and stopped at a licking branch when I shot him... I'd concentrate on how you smell more and grunt/blat not too loudly.
November 08, 2011
Anonymous - I wish I could post a photo on here,..I'd show you 3 nice bucks that I grunted in, is a 34 pt,..the other 2 are 10's
December 01, 2011
Patrick - I rattled a buck in before rut.. they get curious at times... but do not abuse any call keep it realistic .. ever 3 calls wait 20 ish minutes .. keep your eyes ready in between those calls.
December 05, 2011
ffMP5UZSKDjV - Back when I was working my last long term job I ended up gtneitg fond of the quote The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth. I quit that job without knowing what I would do next but intending to eat some of my savings by traveling some and taking off for a year that stretched to two years.I'm probably in another rut now, and diminished savings, so I wish I had the answer to avoid and get out of ruts.I suspect that some sense of vision as to what you'd like to be doing, and then some persistance in working towards that, is essential. I trying that so we'll see.
November 19, 2015
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