Why does my arrow only go in about 4 inches? By RubsNScrapes.com

Why does my arrow only go in about 4 inches?

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justinwp - You likely hit bone in the shoulder.
December 02, 2010
nick - you most likely hit a bone but you might also want to check your arrows and your bow check the sharpness of your broadheads just in case
June 25, 2011
tobinet - I shot a doe a few years back, and found my arrow with blood and hair about 8 inches up the shaft. It was a long shot - roughly 35 yards - so I'm assuming the arrow lost a little speed and bounced off bone on the opposite side of where it entered. As it turns out, it was a heart shot, so the deer must have been quartering away a bit, which means the arrow probably ricocheted off the far shoulder bone . Regardless, the deer died about 85 yards from where it was shot.
September 20, 2011
Al - Shot a buck tonight..maybe 8-10 inch penetration, possibly upper shoulder. Will this result in a mortal wound?
October 07, 2011
Justin - How many pounds is your bow?
November 03, 2011
Calvin Henderson - How many pounds are you pulling? I recommended staying away from mechanical broad heads if you are not getting good penetration when shooting at targets. If that is not the case, you need to review where you shot placement was. Could be a bone, could be the neck, or could be the paunch. I have shot big deer in the shoulder (70 lb draw) and almost always have the broadhead break the should bones and go completely thru the deer.

Shoot you broadheads at a target.
November 07, 2011
gbg - I shot a nice buck fro my tree stand at 30 yds.I used an illuminated arrow. It was hit about four inches left rear of the shoulder top. I waited 30 minutes and wenr to the spot . There was no blood. The arrow did not gothru either asI saw the arrow about five inches i tothe deer when it rn off. I found no blood at point of hitting th e deer. I followed its path but still no blood. I then found the arrow onthe dee trail about 45 yds away but still no blood. I stopped looking for the night and will resume in the morning my search. Was the shot fatal? There was hair and blood about four inched up the shaft and one of the mechanical blades seemed to have been dulled..
November 11, 2011
OH Bowhunter - I shot a doe Sat @ 38.5 yrds from high in a stand. The arrow glanced off a small branch and entered directly through the shoulder. No exit wound, no blood! None, except what came from her mouth where she fell which was luckily 25-30 feet from point of impact which I could see from my stand. I never found the nocked portion of the arrow but the mechanical broadhead and 7" of arrow were in the lung cavity along with a severely mutilated lung. I shoot a speed bow which carries A LOT of kinetic energy and still only penetrated 6-8 inches through the shoulder. Shot placement is KEY!!!
November 14, 2011
jeremy m. - I shot a big 8 last Saturday at 20yards and almost no penetration saw the arrow in the deer and had no blood trail resulting in no deer. I used fixed broadheads and 56 pounds draw. Will the deer survive or should I be watching for birds
November 17, 2011
va hunter - Prob a shoulder hit. That still might be enough to kill the deer. My first deer was a button buck and I hit him right in the shoulder with about 8 in of penetration. I backed out for the night b/c I was worried about my hit placement and it was getting dark. Found him early the next morning about 30 yrd from where I hit him.
November 26, 2011
wade g - ive never lost one all my arrows have been pass thru shots with blood everywhere. stay away from mechanical heads shoot muzzy
December 07, 2011
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