How often do bucks move during the day and how far? By

How often do bucks move during the day and how far?

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justinwp - It depends on many variables: time of year, rut, weather etc.

During the rut they may be moving all day long and travel well over a mile or two trying to find a hot doe. You may be able to see a buck at any time of day in this situation.

Before or after the rut they will move far less which is obvious. They can still get up and browse or move around during the day but it may be more random. I have sat all day in a stand and watched bucks only get up once or twice during the day and immediately bed back down. These deer were active only at night.

Weather, hunting pressure, and numerous other factors can cause bucks to get up and move. Much of it comes down to luck.
December 04, 2010
MwSnHQX7DhU - I think that what you have on your hands is several deer, some big, some not so big. I usulaly see the spikes, and forkers rubbing on big trees. I see what you see normally from either a good 6 or 8, but they are usulaly good sized.
July 18, 2015
4otZp4bto - It all depends upon the sohtgun you have. Shotguns with scopes and special rifled slug barrels are now capable of taking Deer at ranges up to 150 yards or so. Without a scope, you will be limited to about 50 yards with Foster style slugs in a smoothbore. Do some reading on the subject and practice at the range too. Good Luck.
July 21, 2015
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