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The Wisconsin DNR has tallied the numbers from deer registration stations for the 2010 gun deer season. The results, an 11 percent increase over last years nine day season. The preliminary tally is at 218,144 deer with 621,094 gun deer licenses sold.

"This season included more regular units with a substantial number of buck only units as many units in the northern and central forest regions are close to population goals or are below goals," said Keith Warnke. "Wildlife management and especially deer management is a process of continual adjustment. This season's structure was influenced by deer hunters, population goal changes, last year's deer harvest, and the resulting estimated local deer populations."

Late season hunts are currently underway.

Buffalo County saw a 2.02% decrease in deer harvested from 2009 vs 2010. However hunters harvested 6.92% more bucks in 2010 making up for the overall decrease. The WI DNR West Central Region saw an even greater increase in bucks harvested while antlerless deer numbers fell.

County By County Harvest Table (pdf, 39kb) | DNR News Release

My Family's Deer Hunt - 2010

In many of the northern counties of Wisconsin, hunters harvested bucks at a 10:1 ratio to does or greater. While this is necessary for the deer population to even remain stable or grow in some of these counties, there should be some concern for the health of a herd with what is likely to be an extreme buck to doe ratio. You can draw your own conclusions as to which is the best region to hunt.

2010 Buffalo County Buck Scoring 213

WI deer hunting harvest tableWI deer hunting harvest table
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Regions

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