Why do you hunt? By RubsNScrapes.com

a) For a Trophy
b) Meat
c) Family and Friends
d) Being Outdoors
e) Other

What order would you put these possible reasons in for you?

Author: justinwp
justinwp - It is definitely a combination of reasons for me but my order would be:

1. c) Family and Friends
2. d) Being Outdoors
3. b) Meat
4. a) For a Trophy
November 30, 2010
Bobski - I would put my priorities in the same order, with the exception being that I would add another right at the top. It is eveything about the scouting process that I love. The discovery process of learning and understanding terrain, the habitat in that terrain, food sources, and habit patterns of the deer therein,stand selection. Using these outdoor skills offers great pleasure in the anticipation of the hunt. This is a great website and forum, Justin.
December 16, 2010
Gr8dane - B) D) C) A) E) the fact is it really doent matter as long as your good at it and you pass it on to someone else. bobski's right on.....
November 21, 2011
Iowa Farm Boy - I am hunting in a state park and can only take does. I have no problem getting bucks with-in my 20 yard comfort zone but not does. What can i do. I'm looking for meat for 3 families and am almost out of time. Rut is going full blast. I see does every day but they never get in my ZONE.
November 22, 2011
va hunter - a, b, c, and d. I love hunting and getting others into our sport. Love the meat and being able to share it w/ others. Being outdoors at sunrise in the woods is great. Wouldn't mind a trophy on the wall either, my wife might not like a giant 12 on the wall though. Haha
November 26, 2011
Chase_B - A,D,B,E,.. I'm a lone hunter,..never have any luck when hunting with others,..as a lone hunter,.my biggest racked tagged buck , a 34 point ,..numerous 12's,10,s ,..8's and smaller walk, prefered rifle shots 500 to 800 yards,..prefered bow 20 to 40 yards
December 01, 2011
Patrick - D/B/C/A/E The excitement of knowing all the tactics and preparation with friends and family.. scouting being outdoors tracking buck fever.. all of it. Meat is big in my family no meat goes bad. I been a hunter since i was born.
December 05, 2011
MK111 - B,C,D,F. I enjoy the private quite time alone and with the grandsons. Of course the meat is nice. But I give most of the meat to friends.
December 10, 2011
Ben - I hunt for meat and because hunting is an activity that connects me directly with my fond childhood memories.

Most people that I interact with daily have never and will never experience the solitude and serenity that comes with being in the woods alone with the fresh air and silence.
January 17, 2012
Ron - Very much a primal thing for me. The moment of the kill is what I don't like, but every thing else from meticulous care of my hunting tools, to scent elimination, camo, approach to stand, shot placement..what a rush. We use every ounce of meat and butcher it ourselves.
August 22, 2012
Cindy - For me it would be b) Meat
c) Family and Friends
d) Being Outdoors
October 09, 2012
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January 03, 2013
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November 01, 2013
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November 12, 2013
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November 16, 2013
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November 19, 2015

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