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Author: justinwp
Live2Hunt - February 22, 2008
Nice Obama advertisement! If he is elected shot placement will no longer be an issue as he'd love to take our hunting rights away!
justinwpLive2Hunt - February 22, 2008
I do not vote on single issues and try to be realistic about a candidates' views. The president has no more authority to outlaw hunting or guns than a congressman.

Additionally, the supreme court has shifted to the right in recent years and any new appointees will not make much of a difference and only replace more liberal justices.

Anyhow a leader doesn't lead by enforcing his or her views, but rather by listening to those he or she must lead. I feel that Obama leads better than the other candidates through attitude, charisma, and intelligence.
DeerSlayer - February 24, 2008
Dear Mr. Lemming:

You really have no clue, do you? Obviously you didn't study governement or civics for that matter as President holds this little power cold "veto" that is inherent with the executive branch of governement. (This is what gives him 100% more authority than any single congressman.)

As far as your little speel on listening to those he must lead--- my point exactly! The majority of the country and the flamers in particular aren't hunters and would just as soon see 2nd amendment rights thrown to the wayside.

Hope you enjoy the loss of your 2nd amendment rights when your charismatic leader gets into office.
Justin - February 24, 2008
I highly doubt that having Barack Obama as president will result in the loss of my ability to hunt with a rifle, shotgun or bow.

From Obama's own mouth:

"I'm a strong believer in the rights of hunters and sportsmen to have firearms. I'm a believer in homeowners having a firearm to protect their home and their family," Obama said. "It's hard for me to find a rationale for having a 17-clip semiautomatic."

I agree completely with what he stated.
ipscshooter - February 25, 2008
And, you think he's trustworthy in making that statement because, why? Because he's an honest politician? Can those two words really be used in the same sentence?

And just what exactly is a "17-clip semiautomatic"?
justinwp - February 25, 2008
the comments were made after the virginia tech shoot and the shooter probably had a 17 round semi
ipscshooter - February 25, 2008
OK, here's my point. First of all, it's a magazine, not a clip. Second, it would be called a semiautomatic with a 17 round magazine, not a 17-clip semiautomatic. The man obviously is too stupid to have a clue what he is talking about and, therefore, has no business talking about it. Period. We don't need legislation being drafted, promoted, or enacted by halfwits who don't even know what they're talking about.
justinwp - February 25, 2008
clip = magazine

you are attacking a minor part of what he said that does not affect any policy that he would or would not enact.

I'll go one step further: I am 100% confident that having Barack Obama as president will nont result in the loss of my ability to hunt with a rifle, shotgun or bow. Do you have anything to convince me otherwise?
ipscshooter - February 26, 2008
The point is not whether you can hunt with a rifle, shotgun or bow. I'm concerned about my continued free exercise of my right under the 2nd Amendment to own rifles which might have a "17-clip"... And, FYI, a clip is NOT a magazine.
Justin - February 27, 2008
Why do you need a 17 round clip?

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