Buffalo County Earn-a-Buck By RubsNScrapes.com

Anyone know if Buffalo County(Unit 61) will be Earn a Buck for 2008?

Author: justinwp
justinwp - The information I have seen shows that antlerless harvest numbers are slightly lower than last year for west central Wisconsin compared to this time last year. I'm not sure if that means Buffalo County will be Earn-a-Buck next year, but it can't be a good sign.

December 04, 2007
Rob - I hope it isn't next year because I passed up a buck during bowhunting since I didn't have a sticker.
December 31, 2007
lX4hm6KqRCw - Great buck sir. Hat off to you guys, you went and hunted tearirn that was unfamiliar to you and still managed to harvest a great buck that is awesome, good for you. I'am from Utah and we have some great hunting tearirn here too sir, if you decide to do another hunt outside of the great state of Texas, you should think of hunting in Utah I think you would enjoy it.
October 28, 2013
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November 02, 2013
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