Can a deer hit with an arrow survive? By

Simple answer is yes. However a shot to either the heart or lungs will be fatal.

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Poknik - Dan I have a question. I have a soneir project this year and for my soneir project i'm teaching a kid who has never experienced deer hunting along with his father. And I'm taking them through EVERYTHING from the hunters' safety course to being able to pull the trigger while keeping your steady from the adrenaline rush. I was wondering if you/anyone can give me some advice on what type of gun we should use for the young'en and how to find that big buck for the father? Any info will help me alotttt! Also I dont know what kind of camera to use to film these hunts! Which ones I can afford but are still satisfying when displaying the film as a final project infront of the community for a grade! Hope you can help, Ryan Radley. 112 Emerald Ridge Hampstead NC 28443
October 09, 2012
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October 11, 2012
0F6wCqcUK - These pictures are alsubotely stuning ! Knowing the bride myself i am well aware that they are a stuning couple but these pictures truly capture their love. Fantastic photography and will recommend to my friends out that way.
July 18, 2015
qHb1TA3y5fi - Mr.D (Deerfeeder)I just want to say you and mrs.D are wonderfull for brinnigg this joy to our homes.The good Lord will bless you for taking care of his Creatures. On a funnier note, Mr.D you gave me a couple gray hairs before my time, I was sitting at your feeding spot one day enjoying the peace and the quiet and relaxing. And ALL THE SUDDEN out of no where came you face Mr.D right into the camera (with no sound warning) you were fixen to clean the lens. I thoght i was on my way up to meet MY MAKER our lord in heaven. I will never forget that day LOL. I can laugh now as my heart is beating normal right now LOL. SO you owe me some hair and not gray ones. thank you again. May the Lord keep you and bless you. KEEP THE FAITH
July 18, 2015
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July 21, 2015
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October 27, 2015
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May 09, 2016
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May 14, 2016

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