Blood stopped after 100 yds what kind of hit? By

Probably a hit to a muscle group that was able to clot up.

Author: justinwp
Justin - Or you could have just grazed the deer... just a flesh wound.
November 18, 2011
Greg - Shot an 8 point on the right shoulder. The deer ran off witht the arrow still in. Afer 75 yards and a good not great bllod trail, I found the arrow with the broad heads broken off and the tip bent over. The blood was bright red and congealed ranther quickly after finding the arrow. Single lung or double lung
November 19, 2011
Brian Shelton - Probably hit mostly muscle group, maybe some damage to lung. Same thing just happened to me, including finding the arrow approximately 75 yards from point of impact. Found the deer after approximately 250 yards, where it laid down and bled out. Hit it a little forward and mostly hit the shoulder blade. Rage 2 blade did enough damage to make a poor shot a killing shot.
November 27, 2011
andre - I have seen a gut shot that bleed for a bit until intestines popped out the exit wound plugging the hole thus stopping the bleeding. Tracking was difficult as blood would only apear in areas where the deer stopped. It was tracked 500 yards until we found it still walking. A second shot was required to finish the job properly.
November 27, 2011
Wallace - man, i just nailed a 4pt from a 25ft stand, arrow entered a bit high and behind l shoulder, exited mid ribs behind r shoulder. i thought he'd fall on the spot, punched it right through him. but he ran and ran, then dove into some brambles, crashing, so i thought of death throes, but my three hour track found the end of the blood trail and bloody arrow without a trace of the deer. searched methodically downhill on a 5acre grid, nothing. how could that deer have walked away? damn!
November 29, 2011
Patrick - I just shot a monster buck yesterday with my 20 gauge from about 45 yards away.. found plenty of blood and a big bed blood spot(do not get to excited and search right after you shot. Wait about 20 ish min. for the deer to bed down and die. Or else you might push the deer to keep running and trust me they can go far. Not worth the drag or the walk. If you even find it.) Followed the blood trail for about 500 yards maybee more and ended. No trace of the monster. Gut shots can plug the hole and stop bleeding and they can go far just search another 100 yards grid around the last spot of blood.
December 05, 2011
Tommy - I see, I spuopse that would have to be the case.
January 14, 2012
Jake - I shot a 8pt this year in early bow season from about 40 yards,well thats what i estimated it at, and it turns out that it was only about 35 yards and i hit the deer right above the sholder blade about an inch and probably had the arrow go through one lung. After a good blood trail and 700 yards of tracking this deer for 3 hours, we realized it had strayed onto private property and we couldnt find it. Somehow the deer didnt bed down, instead the thing kept walking for us never to find it
February 29, 2012
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