Will it scare a buck if you put out doe estrus before the rut? By RubsNScrapes.com
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Will it scare a buck if you put out doe estrus before the rut?

Author: justinwp
ws6IIclRNokO - I love the wreath and the liltte tinsel trees. I say don't choose- I actually have a mix of silver and gold (and some bronze!) in my holiday decor. I know it might sound like it doesn't work, but, in my opinion, it totally does!
July 18, 2015
eHNY9oeck - This isn't a specific aneswr but it will help unlike ol' mikey p.When I want to scout out big bucks, I use squirrel season as an excuse. Squirrel hunting lets me take time to figure out where all those tracks are going. In three years of doin' it I have accidentally killed one squirrel, but found a whole heckova lotta deers.Good luck!
July 21, 2015
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July 21, 2015
EzSrWGSNE - Hi Natalie I am going to be honest I watch You tube videos now and then but not that often I LOVE READING TOO MUCH !! I just wanted to take the opirntuopty to say thank you for the great books you write and thanks for sharing them with us !!Have a great day and thanks for the great November prize competition !!Desere
May 09, 2016
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May 13, 2016

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