How to Prevent Buck Fever By

Any strategies or tips?

Author: justinwp
justinwp - 1. Control your breathing.
2. Practice shooting until the mechanics are automatic to you.
January 13, 2011
twister - 4. Watch deer as much as you can close up to get used to the rush of seeing the near.
5. Visualize the kill and make sure it will occur (i.e. focus on the shot not the antlers).
September 05, 2011
Joe - Getting buck fever is part of the deer hunting formula. If the day comes, when the \"big buck\" appears\" and no adrenlin rush, of pulse rate increase is experienced,
it will be time to give your weapons to your great-great grandson.
November 16, 2011
Gr8dane - Amen Joe...
November 21, 2011
jesse - i agree with Joe as well. however the tremle from excitement normally hits me right after the shot and i know he is down.
November 22, 2011
Inconvenient - I saw deer 4 times this year. The very first time was two fawn coming through a nearby cornfield. They got my adrenaline going like crazy. I never shot.
I later had a buck come up in my blind spot. I was very calm and never got excited. I developed more of a concentrated predator mentality and was able to slowly stand, hold, turn and execute a 30yd shot.
Later, in rifle season, I was able to nail an antlerless and a 6pt with no shakes at all. The key is to just get in the woods a lot and when you see one, focus on the clean kill.
December 29, 2011
kevin - i had this nice 8 point walk in and buck fever kicked in i shot my arrow 6 foot up in a tree but i'm starting to git over it when i practice i can shoot my arrows stuck in the target nothin like the real thaing
December 30, 2011
cody - its mind over matter when it comes to hunting. you shake because your so excited your mind races and you cant concentrate
October 02, 2012
DxB2WlR6Rt - First of all just b/c a deer may be older dosn't mean they will have a big rack. It depends on if they had enoguh nutrition that year. The antlers are the last thing the body puts into. What is ever left over nutrients will go into the antlers. I've seen mature (not always the older ones are mature either) bucks with smaller racks than younger ones that live in an evrioment with more food options and blessed with a smaller even male to female ratio deer heard. Witch is were proper deer managment comes into play. And by you saying theres more deer than people were you live, thats telling me that your local game commission isn't doing there job! The antlers fall off and grow back every year witch is why if you take notice that in the begining of there new antler grouth theres a whats called a "felvet". It's like a furry looking carpet covering there antlers and the points are also rounded instead of pointy at that time. And when a buck dosen't have there antlers at that time of year you can still tell the diffrence between a doe and buck. The body structer on a buck is a lot more bigger(unless it's a healther doe and a younger buck) and there ears are faced towards the front more and they have whats called "buttins" aka "buttin buck" or "spike buck", witch is the antlers just first starting to come through. Bucks do not go chasing doe through out the hole year. There a breeding period called the "rut". And thats when the doe go into estros (heat) and buck mate with them then. That takes place around late october and sometimes last until early december. Anymore question just ask.
June 09, 2014
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