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justinwp - I shot this on Sunday about 30 minutes after Chris shot his buck. I heard him coming, had the gun ready, saw he was just a little guy and put the gun down. I noticed he was running a little weird and saw a gun shot wound to his chest/guts with my binoculars. I grabbed the gun again and shot him at about 100 yards with him at a trot. He dropped right there rather than have a slow death over the next few days/weeks.
December 02, 2010
Cady - Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gelntemen!
January 02, 2013
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January 03, 2013
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January 04, 2013
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January 06, 2013
izcriPv1 - I am partial to Marlins .444, 45-70 or a .450. The Marlins have been prveon to use in Africa as a big game rifle. I have a 1895 Marlin 45-70 LTD-V 24 barrel and with a 405grain or a 500 grain bullet pushing 1800 fbs you will dropped anything North America has to offer. I would not have anything lighter than a 30-06 for bear hunting
October 27, 2015

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