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qBSXAlHxloi - I always find a lot of golf balls when I play golf. I ualsuly take a big towel and soak it in water and a little bit of soap. All the dirt will come off easily with a little elbow grease. As for selling them it all depends on the brand and condition. If you have a fairly new PROV1, IXTOUR, NIKE ONE they could probably sell for 2.50 a ball. If you have a scratched, beat up, no name golf ball, it might sell for less than a quarter. You should sort them out by brand and maybe try and sell on ebay.
October 27, 2015
tzHY4Pmk0rM - I needed a day at home, but we have clseass scheduled at Village Home. I asked Princess how she would feel about staying home instead. She told me she was fine either way. That made me smile and feel grateful.[]
November 20, 2015

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