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Buffalo County Buck
justinwp - My father shot this buck on opening weekend of gun deer season here in Wisconsin. The buck came out to a cornfield between my father and I at 4pm and around 300 yards away from each of us. Since the buck was heading closer to my father I passed up a clear 200 yard broadside shot. (He owes me!) Eventually the buck was within 150 yards of my father and he got it with a clean broadside shot.

Both of us had seen this buck during bow season several times but never within range. By the peak of rut we were seeing him every other day and he just disappeared for almost two weeks, not showing up until gun season. During this time he broke off part of his split g4 that was over 5 inches long.
November 27, 2007
casey hensley - hey buddy thats a nice buck there
November 12, 2010
vOngyXYX - Try natural fuelnns between wood lots, swamps, and thicker areas. Look up your hunting area on Google Earth or Yahoo Maps to get a birds eye sattelite view. Places between bedding and food sources also produce more deer sightings before it gets too dark. You should start now, spend a few evenings every week out in the woods in different areas to get a good feel for what's in your woods. The advent of the digital trail camera has made it easier, some might say too easy, to scout several areas at once, and 24/7. Put the extra work in, walk a little farther than the next guy and you'll be rewarded. Big bucks got that way by avoiding the easy areas!
June 09, 2014
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October 27, 2015
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