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Deercam Buck Picture
uNido4Dsf3 - why is youtube so anoyinng and doesn't let me upload a stinking video..when others upload a billion videos that are worst than mine?...and why does wmg owns all the sounds in the world???????..if i breathe i'm afraid that i'm gonna be killed for copyrights
October 27, 2015
QU2sBE65w - Phil,I just found your blog today and have been entranced by rndiaeg your posts about the rise and fall of Big Idea. As a Christian who owns a small business, it was great rndiaeg to learn what to do and not to do, and I know it took a great deal of humility on your part to be that honest about it all. Speaking as a dad, God's used you and your ideas to great influence kids for the Kingdom, and I believe he'll use you again in your new venture. I've added this blog to my reader, and I look forward to praying for you and following you as you begin this new step. Thanks!Rob
November 20, 2015

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