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Deercam Buck Picture
Ivana - Now that's what I call getting one right in your own baarkcyd :-)Congrats on the awesome buck. Well done,Donnie-----------------------------------------------------Learn the #1 secret to becoming a better deer hunter. Click here for more information.Posted by: Donnie Hoover
May 15, 2012
Joice - Very nice. I'm getting eager for the saosen to start. I've been seeing several young velvet bucks on my game cams recently, but still haven't seen that shooter. Will check my cams again this weekend and hope for a nice surprise!Thanks and good luck.Posted by: Deer Tracking Cameras
May 16, 2012
55Av5bMF9M4d - You deer fence is going to be the biggest hdlrue. They need to be about 9 feet tall to keep them from leaping over. Planting on an incline is fine if you create your rows that conform to contours of the hillside, to minimize run-off. You might even dig small terraces into the hillside. Was this answer helpful?
June 09, 2014
gyY9Uvxbwl - You really saved my skin with this iniofmatron. Thanks!
November 20, 2015

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