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While I would always like to hunt with a prentar, the truth is I do hunt alone regularly as most people don't have the patience to do some of the hunting I do. I have a flexible work schedule too, so if I want to go on Tuesday morning it's kinda hard to find someone. I always carry a sidearm with me, hunting or even hiking. I have run across some unsavory characters in the wild, particularly near the border and while there have been no incidents it's always good to be prepared. If you know how to handle yourself, go for it. Just make sure someone knows where you are and if the cell phone works there, carry it. Hope your Dad gets better.(When my wife comes out to hunt with me she usually bundles up so much in her overalls, jacket, hat and stuff that it totally disguises her female form. We've encountered other groups of hunters that didn't know she was a girl until she spoke. OK, she's going to kill me for sharing this, lol.)

Author: Pepi

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