Using Your Dog to Find Shed Antlers By

I've been reading up on how to teach a dog to find whitetail deer shed antlers and have done a little bit of training for my parents 8 or 9 week Vizsla puppy. I found a couple articles in which the author describes his experience with training a dog to find shed antlers. One is by North American Whitetails and another by A couple quotes...

A critical point to recognize, in my view, is that most of a dog's antler finds are of an olfactory nature. And, as any bear, lion, coon, hog, deer or bird hunter knows, when it comes to dogs' scenting abilities, some days are diamonds, others stone. I've seen Louis and Henry walk past sheds that were mere inches from their heels. The scent pattern just wasn't right for them on that day in that place.

One day I actually found myself unable to travel on through the woods, due to a constant parade of Labs bearing antlers. In fact, I sat in one spot and tied on nine sheds before the dogs quit bringing them from all directions!

So far, I've just been throwing the antler and having the pup bring it back to me for a reward. It's tough to teach much at such a young age, but hopefully he will have it figured out by this winter when he's a few months old.

justinwp - March 11, 2008
My dog Jake found a four point shed today and began chewing on it. Hopefully it's a good sign for the future!

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