Deer Movement Patterns By

A hunter can go crazy trying to understand the patterns of whitetail deer in the fall. To one hunter, deer seem to become almost completely nocturnal during the gun deer season, while another hunter may shoot the buck of a lifetime at noon. Nonetheless, here are some patterns I think will make your hunt more successful.

Deer Movement Times:

Deer Travel Routes:

Hunter - What impact does a full moon have on deer during hunting season?
November 25, 2007
justinwp - During a full moon, deer will become more nocturnal especially while being heavily pressured.
November 26, 2007
stewart - What are your thoughts on the timing and use of various calls? Can you actually scare bucks off by using a doe estrus call before the rut kicks into full gear?
December 09, 2008
Barnes - would you rather put a stand up were you know deer are moving? Or were their are more signs, such as rubs, scraps?
October 05, 2010
clay - probably where you have more signs, because that buck will come back to those rubs and scrapes. but during rut, where you know deer are already moving would be a good spot also because more traveling, meens more deer "does" which brings in bucks.
October 08, 2010
steve - what is the majority do deer travel with the wind ,against the wind or across wind?
October 16, 2010
reggie - how far do deer travel in the rut
October 22, 2010
tyler - Whats the average distance a deer may travel in a day? Do they usually bed in the same places every afternoon?
November 03, 2010
andrew - at what time of day will a buck usuallly go back to his rubs and scrapes?
November 11, 2010
Michael - To the question earlier about the calls and can you scare deer off? Yes you can scare both Bucks and Does if you use a call and either do not know the proper call or it is a call that is not typical for the time of year. We have played with calls on our property for a few years and there is optimal times for using them for sure.
November 16, 2010
john - how often do bucks re-visit their rub/scrape lines?
November 18, 2010
cojak - i\'ve been hunting deer all season and i have seen alot of sign, but i think they are nocturnal what can a legally do to get em?
December 02, 2010
Joe - The best illegal way is a night vision scope or thermal and a silencer.
December 02, 2010
erin - why do deer move around?
April 13, 2011
Huntfishsleep - I have no activity on my land and never see any deer what can I do now that season has started or do I need to wait and plant food plots and stuff for next year or can I do something real quick to see if I can\'t get some deer moving through it.
November 06, 2011
Armored Antlers - The best result to all is time and experience, keep going out and do what you have been doing "your style of hunting" and the deer will appear.

Good Luck
November 07, 2011
Katy - well i usually do it alittle after dark and i usually see lots of them when i go hunting with family
November 08, 2011
optimis prime - deer move better in am or pm
November 09, 2011
freddy - [pm] in kansas
in iowa now an aint see much do to bad wheather wind rain the 8 and today the 9 snow rain and wind not good hunting wheather
November 09, 2011
nick - huntfish sleep> i have hunted land with very little deer movement . my first year only seeing 6 deer all bow season. i started with small food plots . talking with the farmer about crops hes planning on growing . all the farmers around me have corn. so i put in beans . (worked great) apples are a must...
November 15, 2011
TjDEERMASTER - I put my ladder stand in a thick place over a field with scraps all over the place but all deer come threw there at night how do i get them to stay in the fields more
November 18, 2011
rutrace - i bleated in and shot 2 bucks before the rut started....i think a bleat call is always good..
November 19, 2011
Matt - I have a 10pt at my food plot at 11 at night how can i change his routine with 2 weeks left in my season?
November 29, 2011
bronlake - Look closely at your camera photos to determine the direction he is coming from. This may tell you where his bedding area is. Try to find trails coming out of the trees and into the food plot- but don't go in to far to jump the deer or for sure you won't see them in the daytime. I would then set up a stand and sit there all day. Late morning and early afternoon I've seen some nice bucks moving at that time. Good luck -
December 01, 2011
cub - Will deer come back to a area that they got spooked at that morning if your still there the rest of the day its in rut now newland n.c
December 04, 2011
hayden - Do deer move in the rain.
December 04, 2011
Brian - I like to hunt in the morning and normally see something mainly does I use sugar beets and corn but how do I get more bucks to come in and when is the best time to hunt and also wanted to know when rut usually starts in northern alabama please help me or I wanted get a nice buck somebody please email me and give some pointers at
December 06, 2011
Emily - deer usally travel for food at 5:00-6:00 that is when i end up shooting my Whitetailed deer:))
December 07, 2011
Emily - If you want to talk to me about it my email is i know ALOT about deer we raised them and we also hunt them:))
December 07, 2011
Emily - 5:00-6:00 P.M.
December 07, 2011
Emily - Matt try to use a deer antlers make them sound like sparing and they will usally come in:))
December 07, 2011
BUCKMASTER - antlers are all that really matter on buck besides body weight rite???
December 07, 2011
Blaine - Someone told me that deer switch there moving patterns every 3 days i didn't know if that was true.
December 08, 2011
buckmaster - Went hunting this morning and didn't even here this morning
December 10, 2011
marylandbucks - Need good hunting spots in maryland
December 10, 2011
deerhunter - with a few days left in the season how do i get a nice buck to come through
December 15, 2011
quick scope - which way do deer move based on the direction of the wind
January 09, 2012
JOSH - Do bucks usauly stay in the same area for a certen amount of time?
February 15, 2012
scott doe - i had three great bucks coming to my stand for the past 4 months now they dont show up why would they leave if tthey didnt have pressure?
August 14, 2012
grunter9 - I have some does on my camera but no bucks at all! How can I get bucks at my stand?
August 20, 2012
grunter9 - How can I get bucks at my stand I don\'t have any! I only have does
August 20, 2012
John Doe - I have a problem with shooting deer that are too big. How can I shoot smaller buck!?! PLZ HELP!!
September 30, 2012
kris - Sitting in my treestand tonite and girlfriend was sitting about twenty yards away in a ground blind blew the Buck call a does came in and went to her and started eating out of my food plot and she shot it at 5 yards away
October 06, 2012
FAH - Check out .
October 08, 2012
michael - John Doe>i know this isnt an answer but wouldnt you rather shoot a bigger deer rather than a smaller deer. and also i wouldnt really do anything that would intimidate or scare off a smaller buck. i would limit the antlers and just wait for the right one to come in(:
October 08, 2012
tom - i want to put out some doe estrus sent in oct for my hunt is that ok this early.
October 08, 2012
Dipti - Great Buck When I see deer taken like this big one I would like to no about the hunt, What caliber and buellt weight you shoot and how far away he was when you shot. It just makes interesting reading.
October 09, 2012
hlwemdjpgov - WR29zx , [url=]lewpxbbzjqxm[/url], [link=]dxukyliihvdz[/link],
October 12, 2012
kaylea - deer move mainly early in the morning or getting close to dark.
November 28, 2014
mk0ZKaWa - NICE VID man long time no talk.. i got so mutch to do since i live on my own now.. we already got snow in mont laueirr its crazy we already got 1 feet of snow
July 18, 2015
XUJD9UJqdo - the antlers on a male deer (buck) are denrtmieed by a number of factors.they include genetics,habitat,age,stress and available types of food sources.keep in mind though a deer's antlers are the last thing that are fully developed,the bones and body must mature first. As for when they grow their horns back. That is denrtmieed by where you live,where I am from they los them around febuary and immediatly start growing them back which takes until around september . [url=]iwpcwrgivba[/url] [link=]fvchbn[/link]
July 21, 2015
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October 27, 2015
Sarah - I have a doe in my yard who has been in the same place for 4 hrs, is this unusual
November 26, 2016
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